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Summer Fresh Candles

Summer is here and you want your home to smell as fresh as the warm, balmy outdoors. There are many ways to keep your house smelling great during the warmer months, but perhaps the most effective method is using candle fragrances. In this blog post, we'll explore some great ways to scent your home with candles this summer.

How do I keep my house smelling fresh in summer?

One way to keep your house smelling fresh in summer is by opening windows and doors to let fresh air flow through your home. However, you may not want to do that all the time, especially if the weather outside is muggy. That's where candles come in.

They are a simple and effective solution to keep your living spaces smelling great all day.

What makes your house smell good all day?

The key to making your house smell good all day is to use candles with aromatic, high-quality fragrances. Unlike mass produced or cheap candles, Regions Beyond candles will fill your home with fragrance for hours on end.

What can I boil to make my house smell good in summer?

Boiling herbs, fruits, and spices can be an effective way to create a natural fragrance in your home. Some recommended ingredients include lemon, lime, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and vanilla. However, simmering on a stovetop can be a hassle, and the scent won't last as long as a candle.

What are the best summer home scents?

There are many great "summer fresh candles" fragrances that will give your home a fresh and inviting feel, such as:

1. White Teakwood - This fragrant candle features a blend of teakwood, tobacco leaves, and black peppercorn. It's an earthy and masculine scent that's perfect for a summer bachelor pad.

A Luxury candle on a sideboard with a freshly made bed in the background
White Teakwood Candle in Bedroom

2. Juniper And Cedar - This candle has a sweet and woody aroma that features notes of juniper, moss, and cedarwood. It's a perfect scent to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Juniper And Cedar Candle lit, in kitchen. This candle smells fresh and warming. With White Teakwood and soft notes of citrus
Juniper And Cedar Candle in kitchen


Using candles to scent your home this summer is a great way to create a refreshing and inviting living space. Whether you're a fan of sweet and floral scents, or, you prefer woody and earthy fragrances, there's a candle for you. So light up a candle, sit back and unwind, and enjoy a fresh and fragrant summer at home. Don't forget to check out White Teakwood and Juniper and Cedar candles from Regions Beyond Company, which will surely add that perfect touch to your summer evenings.


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