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The Story So Far...

Greetings, I am Sean Rouse, the innovator behind the exquisite candle line, Regions Beyond.

My obsession with candle creation dates back to my childhood when I assisted my grandfather in fashioning taper candles, a task he carried out with finesse and marketed at various farmer's markets. As I matured, I came to respect the diligence and artistry that he invested in his product, and decided to chart my path using his blueprint. Thus, in 2015, I breathed life into Regions Beyond, a venture fashioned from passion and love.

Regions Beyond delivers a lifestyle-oriented candle brand that incorporates supreme quality materials, and top-of-the-line perfumes, handpicked and blended by myself. Allow Regions Beyond to captivate your senses and transport you beyond your literal and figurative confines.

My Signature Collection celebrates the essence of British culture and rural living. Drawing inspiration from stately buildings, quaint locales, and historical heritage, each candle incorporates distinct notes that complete an authentic sensory experience. Every Region Beyond candle receives painstaking attention and testing to ensure that each handcrafted candle satisfies the discerning palette.

Regions Beyond uses only premium ingredients from reliable sources. Our luxury fragrance oils are flawlessly blended to generate a long-lasting scent. Each candle is poured under specific temperature conditions, which ensure smoothness and evenness, thereby guaranteeing optimal quality.

I enjoy perusing unorthodox scents from diverse experiences, and that is reflected in my candle line. Take "The Church" candle for instance, which mirrors the scent that wafts around my village church, with its primary fragrance ingredients being chalky stone and wooden pews.

My candles tend to showcase the more exquisite and darker side of aromatherapy. Nevertheless, I still draw from bright and airy fragrances, which fall under our Fresh Fragrances category. These fragrances arouse renewal and evoke motivation.

All our candles are handmade in a bespoke workspace that was purpose-built for Regions Beyond. Currently in East Sussex, with roots extending into West Sussex, my hometown, we take pride in using UK manufactured materials. A sustainable wax blend, made in-house, Vegan, contains no palm oil. Our simple, pure ingredients is one of my key secrets that enhance both the scent throw and burn duration.

Regions Beyond promises to deliver excellence in all its products. Let us work our magic and transport you beyond imagination! 




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