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The Story So Far...

The Collection


Influences for my Signature Collection stem from British culture and country living; I love old buildings, countryside, and British heritage, and each candle has notes to reflect this. My candles are crafted with care and attention, before undergoing rigorous testing to ensure that the highest quality is achieved each and every time. Regions Beyond use premium ingredients and materials from reliable sources. Our luxury fragrance oils are perfectly blended to create a long-lasting scent, and the wax is only poured when it reaches exactly the correct temperature to ensure a smooth and even set. 


The Signature Collection guarantees quality and luxury.


Unique Candles


I love unique fragrances and find inspiration in all areas of life; this is represented no better than in my candle collection. For example, "The Church" candle is based on my village Church and smells exactly like chalky stone and wooden pews.

My candles are focused on the darker side of aromatherapy- using a mix of bold wood resins and aromatic fragrance oils, which makes for irrisitable Candles. 

You will still find Bright and airy Fragrances under the Fresh Fragrances section, these are best represented for a morning scent or for when you need a recharge. 


Hand Made

All of our products are handmade in a purpose-built workspace, located in the heart of West Sussex.

With the exception of some of our fragrance oils (which are sourced from an independent perfumer in France), all of the materials we use are manufactured here in the UK.

My candles are made with care, I personally test each candle multiple times ensuring they burn well and have an amazing scent throw. 
I use a sustainable wax blend that contains no palm oil, is 100% vegan, boasts a strong scent throw and burns beautifully.


Hello! I'm Sean Rouse, the creator of Regions Beyond.

My passion for candle making started at a very young age when I helped my grandfather make taper candles (dinner table candles). This was a very hands-on job that my grandfather did in his 'golden years' and sold at various farmer markets. It wasn't until I got a little older I appreciated the craftmanship that my grandfather put into his work. Always admiring his work, I wanted to create my own unique candles. I have always been inquisitive with fragrances and it was in 2014 I turned his and my love into a small business called Regions Beyond. Regions Beyond is a lifestyle candle brand using only the best materials in candle making and the finest quality perfumes, which have each been individually handpicked and blended by myself. I hope you can let Regions Beyond capture your imagination and transport you to another world. 

Scent is such an important aspect of life, and I am thrilled to offer you these fragrances. I take pride in my candles and look forward to creating each and every one. I hope that you too will be transported to 'Regions Beyond'.

Bonus Fact

Although my Grandfather and I made many candles we never made fragrance candles. Sadly he gave up his passion before I was old enough to help his hobby grow. It wasn't until many years later whilst working in the immersive entertainment industry, I discovered how the power of scent allowed me to evoke a strong emotional response and transport visitors to anywhere that I could imagine. For example, I worked on set dressing a Rain Forest scene, it was on this job I collaborated with a fragrance house to create a bespoke Rain Forest scent. We pumped a delicate green ozonic fragrance into the scene which really bought the attraction to life and is what pushed me to create my own fragranced candles. I'm sure my Grandfather would be proud that I'm continuing to make candles and keeping a family legacy alive.



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