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Country Oud

Introducing Regions Beyond Candles: Elevate Your Space with Luxury


Craftsmanship Beyond Compare: Indulge in the perfect complement to your stylish home with our meticulously hand-poured candles. Each candle is a work of art, featuring a matte black glass vessel and precision-printed textured labels, embodying the epitome of luxury.


The Wax: Our house-blended wax featuring Soy, Rapeseed & Mineral wax, meticulously mixed by hand, boasting a clean and even burn. Regions Beyond Candles elevate every occasion, exuding sophistication and class.


Exclusivity in Fragrance: Immerse yourself in unique and charming fragrances, exclusively curated and absent from mainstream options. I pride myself on using only the highest quality, undiluted oils, ensuring a fresh, unique, raw, and natural scent.


The Performance: Each single-wick candle, housed in a 20cl jar, boasts an impressive burn time of over 45 hours. Experience the perfect scent throw that effortlessly fills an average-sized living room.


Transform your space with Regions Beyond Candles - Where Luxury Meets Craftsmanship!

Country Oud

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