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Creating The Perfect Candle

Creating our candles has taken years of knowledge and hundreds of hours of testing. To us, the definition of a perfect candle is "a candle that has been thoughtfully made, can fit into any home, uniquely scented and burns beautifully". Quite simple when we say it like that, isn't it? Of course, there is more to creating the perfect candle... but that's what we call our 'secret recipe'.


Obviously, fragrance is the most important aspect of my company. I am proud to work with several UK perfume houses that create my fragrance oils. I only use the highest quality oils that are paraben-free, vegan friendly and contains pure and natural resin extraction. This is what sets us apart from other small candle companies, the fragrances we use cost up to 3x more than a generic bulk made oils. It's an investment but our candles truly speak for themselves.


My wax, over the many years of testing and producing candles I have perfected my formula that I will keep a secret for as long as I live! However, I can tell you its a mix of Coconut wax and Mineral wax. Again my wax is Vegan friendly, Paraben and Palm-oil free. Just like our fragrance oil, our wax is a luxury product in itself that burns evenly and has an amazing scent throw.


Finally, something I cannot stress enough is making sure the candle burns correctly.

When burning any candle you should always trim the wick to around 1/4 of an inch. Always make sure you let the candle burn till the molten wax has reached the edge of the glass (or very near), typically takes around 3-4 hrs. Try not to leave a candle burning any longer than 4hrs. If the candle hasn't quite reached the edge at 3-4 hours in my experience this will catch up on itself. Most candles get hotter the lower down the glass they get. Never place directly near a wall or windows that are open.

If you follow them simple rules, your candle will burn beautifully and quite possibly last a little longer too.

sean x


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