Victorian Fireplace

"Just like a real fireplace"

If candles were coffee this would be the blackest coffee you could ever get. This is an intense aroma of a smoky fireplace. Evocative of a country pub. once lit you truly can smell each and every note. An acquired taste, but a truly unique candle. ★★★★★



Our hand poured candles complement any stylish home. We use the highest quality UK sourced material, from thick glass tumblers to precision printed labels. Our blended wax is clean-burning and mixed by hand with fine fragrances, finished with our lead-free cotton and paper wick. Regions Beyond Candles radiate luxury and class every time.


Single wick candle. Burn time Approx. 40 Hours+


Is this a gift? You can have piece of mind as we never include the price within the package. 

Victorian Fireplace

  • A strong complex fragrance, stirring memories of a real log fire. A smooth and rich contrast between burning wood and smoky embers.