We have selected our best "Fresh" smelling candles for your recommendation. 


"this is the perfect welcome home scent" 

This candle is perfect for a duvet day. It's sweet powdery aroma fills every inch of a room. evocative of luxury fresh sheets on a bed.

This candle is also perfect for any picky fragrance lover as it's very neutral and comforting. 

Top Note: Powdery Juniper

Heart Note: Sweet Moss

Base Note: sandalwood

Top Note: Crisp bergamot

Heart Note: herbal geranium

Base Note: teakwood



"like walking into a fancy beach house with the sun beaming through the windows"

This candle iS an allrounder, a strong Masculine fragrance which is sophisticated and intriguing.

Fresh and crisp bergamot leading into a warmed teakwood base. 

perfect for him.